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  "Finally ," I said before falling down onto the couch. I just finished unpacking all my stuff. It took me all day to finally get it done and I'm tired.
   I've finally made it out of my parents house and decided to buy my own. I spent about a month looking for a house. I crashed at one of my friend's place till I found one. I fianlly found one, it was in a far off place called ahh. It's was odd name but oh we'll. I traveled down to the town and things felt a little off, I ignored it. I saw the house and fell in love and bought it then. I sent my stuff over to the new house and I was set.
   I laid on the couch drifting off into sleep. I knew it wasn't a good idea to yet it was only 5 but I couldn't help it. As I shut my eyes I hear a knock at the door, ugh. I pull myself up and answer the door.
  "Hello," I said as I opened the door. I looked at the person standing in front of me. It was a teenage girl probably in her early teens. She wore a blue t shirt and a skirt. Also had a strange hat that covered most of her hair. On the top was tall bunny ears, how cute.
  "Hi, I'm fionna," she said all peppy like. She reached her hand out and I shook it.
  "___, nice to meet you," I answered back. She gave a smile and a wave.
  "Hello sweety," a voice said. I didn't see anyone else with her so I didn't know who it was.
  "Who said that?" I asked fionna. She looked at me confused then Understood.
  "Oh that was cake," she said stepping out the way. I looked stright ahead not seeing anyone. I looked down slightly to see a adorable cat.
   "Hello," the cat said. Wait.. The cat said? That cat just talked!
  "You just talk?" I questioned kinda scared.
  "Yea," she answered," why is that a big suprise?" I gave a awkward chuckle before passing out.
   I woke up on my couch with a cold rag on my head. Oh it was just a dream thank heavens. I take the rag off and sit up. I look around the room and see fionna sitting in my rocking chair.
  "Oh your up ," she says excited. As she said that I saw a long furry object come out from the kitchen and into the living room.  A cat face emerged along with an entire body of the cat.
   "Oh darling you alright?" It said.
  "Omg how are you doing that?" I asked terrified.
  "Do what?" She questioned," this?" As she said that she stretched her arm across the room and back to her side.
  "Sweet mother of god how did you do that and why are you talking?" I asked. She looked at me puzzled as did fionna.
   "Cake is a magic cat," fionna answer bluntly. Right a magic cat, magic isn't real . How does she expect me to believe this? I sat there with a confused look plastered to my face.
   "Uhh how about we go see gumball," fionna said.
   Fionna, cake, and I made our way to a large castle. It was oddly made and had strange statues on the sides blowing bubbles. The structures resembled that of a gumball machine, funny.
 We continued walking further towards the castle till we reached the front. There stood two candy looking "guards".
   "Hello fionna," one of the guards said," who is this?"  He pointed his staff towards me making me slightly nervous
  "Oh this is ____, a friend," fionna stated. The guards moved out the way slightly, allowing us to walk through.
   As we entered I almost died, everything looked like candy. I had a serious sweet tooth so this was crazy. We passed by a bunch of candy homes and taller structures. Passing candy that was alive, wait alive?
   I walked up to fionna and tapped her shoulder," are these things alive?"
  "Yea these are candy people," she answered. I nodded my head and continued walking.  We came upon a very large castle, it was beautiful for a candy house.
   We made it up the stairs and into a large room. Inside was some sciencesy things, I don't know what to call it other than that. In one of the corners was a pink haired guy with a white lab coat. He was mixing some chemicals together making a lot of noise.
   "Yo gumball I got someone here for you to meet," fionna said. Gumball turned around .on further notice I saw that his skin was also pink, cute.
   "Oh hello miss I'm prince gumball," he said with a bow. What a gentleman I thought.
   "Uhh ___," I answered back. He grinned and turned around continuing his work.
  "Uhh gumball I need your help," fionna said. Gumball turned around looking at fionna.
   "Yes yes what would it be?" He asked.
  "Well my friend here just moved here and needs some things explained," she said back.
   "Oh well what you need to know?" He asked me. I was starring off into space then focused back.
  "Huh? Oh uhh are you made of bubblegum?" I asked.
   He gave a chuckle," yes."
  "Alright, why are there candy people outside?" I asked.
  "Oh those are my candy people and they are outside because they like to enjoy the fresh air," he stated.
  "Ah ok then wh-" before I could ask a question I was interupted by someone.
  "Yo gummy I got your spices you needed," a mysterious voice said. I turned around and saw a grey skinned, black haired guy floatin in the room.
   "Oh thanks just set it down somewhere," gumball said. The guy floated over to a nearby table and set it down. He turned around and faced me. I was to far into starring at him to notice him trying to get my attention.
  "Yo girl, is she ok?" He asked everyone.
  "Oh sorry I was uhh thinking," I said. There was an awkward silence as I examined his plaid red and black shirt.
   "Oh ___, this is Marshall lee," gumball said," vampire king." I chuckled
   "What's so funny?" Marshall asked.
  "Haha oh uhh just I thought he said vampire king," I said back.
  "I did," gumball stated. My face turned into complete shock. Holy crap there is a vampire right in front of me!
  "What don't believe me sweet cheeks?" Marshall asked," want proof?"
  "Marshall don't," cake warned. Marshall rolled his eyes before floatin Over to me and grinned. His canine teeth poked out of his grin. Then he grabbed my hand lifting it up to his face and grinned again. He looked down at my red nails and opened his mouth. Oh gawd what is he doing i thought. He pushed his tooth down on my nails and the red absorbed into his tooth.  I looked at my now grey nail in shock.
   "Haha your face is priceless ," he said as he floated away," proff enough?"
   I looked up at him then back at my nail then fainted.. Again.
    I wake in my bed, blanket half on and Half on the floor. I look at the clock it's 11 at night, wow it's late. I sit up In my bed and look around. I remember what happen earlier today, I looked at my nails hoping it was a dream. Nope, it would be too easy if it was. I sighed and fell back onto my bed. I stay in silence till I heard a crash from downstairs. I bolted up from the bed, standing up in my room. I grab my baseball bat the I keep near my bed and head to the door
   I made my way downstairs and saw a picture frame that fell over. I sit it back up on the table and look around, nothing. I sigh and turn around. As I did I scream my head off. There was some person making a scary ass face and hangin upside down. I quickly swing my bat just for it to be caught by the person.
   "Haha omg your face!" It says. What? I look closer and see Marshall fucking lee .
  I hit him in the shoulder," what the fuck dude!" I exclaimed. He continued to laugh as he set himself up right and place the bat down.
  "It wasnt that funny," I stated ," what are you doing here anyway?"
   "Oh just wanted to check on you since you fainted from my hotness," he said floating around me.
  "What! " I exclaimed blushing up a storm.
  "Awh your all flustered that's cute," he said with a chuckle. That made me blush even more.
   "I didn't faint from your so called "hotness" I fainted because I never met a vampire," I said making my way to the couch. He floated over to me and watched as I sat.
  "Never seen a vampire.. Fair enough I guess," he shrugged. "Am I what you expected?" He asked
   "Not really," I said," from the shows I've seen, your little different."
  "Well first they drink blood not the color red from what I'm guessing you did, and sparkle.. Well only the one movie."
 "Sparkle?" He questioned," that's gay. I do drink blood but I find it easier and better to drink red, anything else?"
  "Also  most of the time they are secretive and sudective."
  "We'll sudective," he smirked," I can do that."
  "Oh god please don't," as I said that he disappeared . Shit."Marshall where you go?" I asked . I stood up and walked into the kitchen looking around. I didn't see him anywhere. I looked at the fridge and decided to get a drink. I opened it up and bent over grabbing a water. When I stood up stright I saw Marshall leaning on the door frame. He had a rose in his hand and a hat on.
  "Marshall what are up doing?" He looked up at me with a weird stare, it sent shivers down my spine. " Marshall?" I said again. He walked over to me keeping the stare. I began to back up. Everytime I took a step he took one as well. I kept walking until I ran into a wall. He continued walking till he was inches away from me. He looked me up and down and smirked, oh gawd. He dropped the rose and with one move he had me pinned against the wall. He pushed my hands down to my side and his knee was between my legs. I began to blush more and more, he took notice to this and grinned.  He moved his head, his lips positioned to my neck. I felt his breath on my neck, sending goosebumps everywhere. He placed a soft kiss on my skin them looked into my eyes. He leaned in a little closer, he was so close. I closed my eyes ready for it. Then I felt no more pressure on me . I opened my eyes and he wasnt there.
   "How's that for seductive?" He asked. I turned my head to my left and saw him leaning on the wall. I kept a awestruck face on and slide down the wall.
  "Don't ever do that again!" I exclaimed. He began to laugh."no I mean it that was so weird."
  "How so?"
  "We'll I never been in a position like that , ugh!" I said as I put my head in my hands.
  Marshall gave me a confused look that I saw from the corner of my eye." Really, Never?" He asked
  "Why is that so shocking?"
  "Just your like twenty and you never been in a problem like that? " he questioned. I nodded my head in my hands. I felt a hand on my back, I looked up.
   "Sorry I didn't think it would be weird like that," he apologized.
   "It's alright," I said as I yawned," we'll it's late and I'm tired."
   "Alright night sweet cheeks see you around." Marshall said as he floated out my window.
   "You could have taken the door!" I yelled to him.
Marshall x reader. Im posting this from my ipod so lets see how this goes
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